Bulky & Quick Large Mouth Bass Blanket

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Large Mouth Bass Blanket

I love to fish!!!  I grew up on the lake and spent hours fishing.  We’d fish everywhere in the canoe, paddle boat, motor boat and of course just off the end of the dock!!  I loved catching Bass!!  It was very exciting compared to the sunfish that were my common catch!  I had a glove that I used so I wouldn’t get pricked by the fins lol.  I even learned how to scale and clean a fish watching the fisherman come in and clean their catch.  I’m now a farmer’s wife and we just don’t get the time but I would love to one day live on the water again to enjoy this fun pass time!!

I just had to design this blanket for all the men and women out there that just love to fish too.  Everyone needs one of these especially for your babies!!!  The yarn used to make this blanket is so soft and cozy.  You just need to see it in person to appreciate how cuddly it is!!

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