Bulky & Quick Mermaid Blanket

Bulky Mermaid Blanket

This is where my blanket designs started, with the beautiful mermaid tail!  For the last couple years my business has been steadily growing.  So much so that my waiting times were averaging a couple months and even more during busy season. To keep up I’ve designed most of my products to work up really fast!!!  Of course beauty and style is essential to all my designs.  I’m a perfectionist and very detail orientated.  I was asked by a friend to make her adorable twin daughters mermaid blankets.  This would normally not be a project I would take on due to the yarn and time commitment involved.  I’m sure my fellow sellers can totally relate to this!!  I was going into my slow season and thought I’d think on it first before I declined.  I just happened to have this big Q hook in my collection.  Something I’d purchased when I first started crocheting.  I’d had plans to make a throw blanket with it, something I never got around to! Lol I decided this would be the perfect opportunity to use that big hook and try something new!!

Yarn choice can be just as important as the design itself.  I’m always on the hunt for the perfect yarns for my projects at affordable prices.  This design was not intended as a photo prop but as a nice cozy snugly blanket.  The yarn needs to be soft and cuddly with the right affect to give her that scaly glimmering look.  Photos still don’t give this blanket justice! She’s just that much more glorious in person.  I didn’t want a full cocoon but only that the blanket keeps your feet warm by cocooning around the calves and feet.  This way you’re not trying to scout it up under your body.  It just slips on nice and easy pulling up over your chest. This also cuts down a bit on the yarn cost.

Who just doesn’t want to be a mermaid?  Before I even decided to publish this pattern my orders started coming in for Christmas in JUNE!  I thought there was no way I could fill this demand so I needed to share. I’m so excited about the love this blanket has received.  I’ve received countless emails and comments about how easy this pattern is to follow suitable for even a beginner.  My patterns have inspired so many people to start crocheting just so they can make one of my blankets!!

My customers were very curious as to what I would create for boys along with my son who was anxiously awaiting something from mommy…  This blanket really did begin my pattern selling adventure.  One I probably should have got on sooner!

pink mermaid

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I love all the feedback I receive from my customers and the most common questions are around changing hook size and yarns.  Everyone has a different preference on hooks they like to use and not everyone can purchase the recommended yarn.  I always so go for it!! Do what you love.  This pattern is easily modified for a smaller hook and you can get different looks by changing hook size and yarn as seen in my photos!

mermaid cousin photo Meg Mermaid fun girl mermaids chloe mermaid

These blankets are enjoyed by all ages!!!  Moms need them too!!!


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Featured image photography by Jade Photography

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