Call For Pattern Testers!

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Would you like to be a Pattern Tester for MJ’s Off The Hook Designs?  

If so lets get down to the nitty gritty!  First off I don’t allow or condone pattern sharing, copyright infringement or any sort of illegal activity associated with my business.  Please only apply if you are in compliance.

Why I need pattern testers

I’m constantly designing new patterns!  I want to be confident that every pattern I publish is free of errors and easy to follow for beginner and advanced crocheters.  I also love the community that is shared within a testing group!  It’s a great way to partner and collaborate with one another.



  • Crochet experience  – All levels are welcome but please be honest with your level of expertise.  It’s important to have a range of experience with testers.  This way I can be sure the pattern works well for everyone.
  • Familiar with reading a crochet pattern and terms used.
  • Make a gauge swatch and adjust hook size according to the pattern.
  • Calculate yardage needed for a pattern and give feedback on how many yards were used.
  • Find grammatical errors and check for overall consistency of pattern format.
  • Find pattern instruction errors and give feedback on how to correct the error.
  • Willing to give constructive feedback on the pattern and suggestions on how to make it better ( I may or may not use your suggestion but all suggestions are appreciated without offence).
  • A summary page must be emailed within the given time frame highlighting all errors and changes.  A marked up copy of the original pattern (if it’s legible) or point form summary.
  • Must have the ability to take good quality photos of the finished product and have them submitted by the deadline.  *Samples of finished work must be emailed to me with application.
  • Be available for testing.  If testing results are not submitted by the deadline you will be removed from the group, no exceptions. *Only accept those patterns you are able to complete in the given time frame.
  • Social sharing.  Must be willing to share your in-progress and finished work to Facebook, Instagram and my Ravelry listing.  Your pics will also be shared to my social networks with your consent.  This helps us both to grow and showcase that my patterns are workable.
  • Willing to purchase the yarn used to design the pattern.  This can be an investment depending on the pattern.  Only accept patterns you’re willing to invest in.
  • Previous pattern testing experience with references.

Contact [email protected] answering these questions (copy and paste)

Business Name
Facebook URL
Instagram Handle
Pictures of your work (preferably from my patterns): Upload only your own photos. These pictures should represent how well you can take a photo and showcase the product.
Share a little about yourself, how long you’ve been crocheting, and your work
#1 Crochet Reference
List all URL’s pertaining to their crochet business
Work history to reference
#2 Crochet Reference
List all URL’s pertaining to their crochet business
Work history to reference

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