Crochet Sloth Hat, Cowl and Mittens

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Crochet Sloth pattern! If you’re into Sloths this set is for YOU!  Our Crochet Sloth Hat, Cowl and Mittens set is sure to get your littles excited. But hey it comes in teen/adult size too so if sloths are your thing why not!

Crochet Sloth pattern

I purchased the most adorable backpack for Meg this year at Staples. They have a whole cool collection of sloth products.  I absolutely love the colour scheme and so does Meg.  I’ve been on a roll with fun winter sets so the crochet sloth pattern set was a must!  I just love that I can coordinate my patterns to match my kids backpacks and coats.  It just makes what I do even more fun.

Crochet Sloth pattern

The Yarn

I just happened to have all the yarn on hand that matched her backpack perfectly! Definitely a score!  I used Loops & Threads Impeccable exclusive to Michael’s Stores. Shown in Lippy, Soft Rose, Aqua and white. Of course I doubled it up to make the crochet sloth pattern set super quick to whip up!

Crochet Sloth pattern

It’s pretty hot outside but Meg is totally ready to strut this set to school. She’s dying to wear all her new stuff and who could blame her!

To spice this set up check out the cool tartan pattern on the cowl.  I wanted it to have its own unique flare and tie in all those fun colours. This technique is soooooo easy (no carrying colours!). It’s the first time I’ve used it but now I want to make everything with it! 

Watch for the YouTube video below.

Crochet Sloth pattern

One of the best things about sloths are those fingers!  Their claws allow them to eat, sleep and do just about everything dangling from a tree. So of course our mittens needed them!

Crochet Sloth pattern

Meg really wanted her sloth to have a pompom.  We have a tutorial on how to make a quick and easy pompom using your hand here on YouTube

Crochet Sloth pattern

I hope you enjoy this set.  Make in browns, greys or any colour to match your little ones winter coat!  This pink and aqua is totally giving me the happy feels! Can’t wait to see what colour you pick!

Crochet Sloth pattern

If you’re loving those great tags they were custom made by Brickbubble 

Yarn Substitutions

Other Yarn options that I love are listed below! Also my Favourite hooks.

Bernat Super Value Yarn

Sprightly Acrylic Worsted Yarn

Bernat Softee Chunky Yarn

This pattern comes in toddler, child and Teen/Adult size! You can grab the pattern HERE on Ravelry or on ETSY

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I hope you enjoy this pattern and stay cozy!

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