Five Reasons We Love Crocheting

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There’s no question when it comes to whether or not crocheting is great. Whether you’ve been putting hook to yarn for 40 years or 40 minutes, it’s safe to say the craft is addicting. But why do we love it? What is the absolute best part about the art of crochet? What is our favourite part?

MJ’s put this question out into the world of Facebook earlier this week, and the answers came pouring in.

1) It’s a good stress reliever

There’s something soothing about finding the flow of your hook through the yarn to create stitches. The repetitive movement, the sound of the yarn as it moves through your fingers, the focus on one project that has the rest of the world melting away.


2) The satisfaction of making something yourself

How satisfying it is to sit back and look upon the blanket, the scarf, the hat, the home decor you have made with yarn, a hook, and your hands. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that we are able to turn a ball of string into something functional that will keep us warm or bring us comfort.
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3) A connection to other crafters

Crocheting doesn’t have to be a solo activity. The handmade community is vibrant and thriving, and finding others who enjoy the same craft as you opens a door to friendship and connection with like-minded people. Whether it’s gathering at local crocheting group to make new friends, or bonding with family members over an art that has been passed down through generations, crocheting truly does bring people together. Besides, who else besides a fellow yarn-lover can you talk about crocheting with for hours?


4) It’s easier than knitting

Knitting is great. It’s a beautiful area of the fibre arts that so many people enjoy…but I think we can all agree that crocheting is a little more forgiving than it’s knitting sister craft. Make a mistake on the last row of your crochet project? No problem! Just rip out and redo. Spot a boo-boo at the start of your knit row? Yikes…better buckle down, send up a prayer, and hope with all your might you don’t drop a stitch or make any more mistakes on your journey back to fix the first error.


5) The rewarding feeling when someone loves what you’ve made

It’s nice to make something for yourself, but there’s nothing like that warm, fuzzy feeling you get when someone sees what you’ve made them for the first time. Whether it’s for a customer, a friend, or something new for Mom, the sense of joy we feel when that big smile comes over their face is priceless.


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