Halloween Costumes

It was a whirlwind in my house this morning!!  Dressing up for Halloween at school is so much fun for the kids!!  This is where they get to really show off those costumes!!  My oldest is dressing up as a creepy doll.  She worked on making her own tutu like the one in my butterfly tutorial.  She’s part of the school haunted house so she was getting her costume finalized at school with her friends.  My second eldest had her heart set on being young Maleficent.  I was a little late getting started on this costume but I was able to finish it up last night.  I crocheted horns stuffed them and attached them to a crocheted headband.  This way Halloween night she will stay warm!  To make the wings I bought black board and creepy cloth.  Using 2 boards I cut out the wings then hole punched the backs and laced them together using yarn.  I made straps for the wings to hold them on by simply punching out a hole at the top and bottom of wings and tied yarn for the straps.  The wings fold nicely together for carrying too!!  To attach the creepy cloth I used some liquid stitch that I’d picked up at the fabric store.  They were so easy to make and probably only took me about an hour tops! She was so excited to wear this costume!!  She was impressed too, she didn’t think I could pull off something to look this good lol!  Love when my kids have no confidence in me when I design for a living!!I only spent about $6 on this so I’m a super happy frugal mom!!


My son had no idea this year what he wanted to be so we whipped his costume together last minute too!  My husband had an old Zorro costume so we decided to use it and make Gar into a Vampire!! A little makeup and spraying his blonde hair black turned him into a pretty cool looking vampire!  I had a good laugh too seeing my little guy with black hair lol!!  We decided we’d save little MJ’s butterfly costume for Halloween night and send her with a princess costume for her party.  She decided on Merida from the movie Brave, so she’ll be looking pretty cute in her fluffy dress with a fiery red curly hair wig!!  Can’t wait to hear about their fun day when they get home!!


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