Honey Bear Set Crochet Pattern

I’m so excited to release the Honey Bear Set crochet pattern! Four years ago, I designed this crochet Bear hat, cowl and mitten set for little Meg but never published it. The set was so well-loved and had so many great memories attached to it, I just had to do a remake 🐻❤️ 

Original photo below!

Of all the crochet hats I’ve made, this one stands the test of time 👌 Little Meg was always with her daddy riding in the truck or tractor. We’d find pieces of this set everywhere.

I’d always be searching for the mittens, and they’d usually be found in daddy’s tractor. It was her go-to hat to wear with her Dad. His little honey bear 🐻 , I’m so excited to finally publish the pattern while she’s still young enough to enjoy it. It’s hard to believe the 3-year-old originally modelling this set is now 7 🙈 

I need her to stop growing! Even though she’s so much bigger, I’m still dying over the cuteness! This was one of our fastest photo shoots with the most adorable photos!  She was so excited to have a new crochet Honey Bear Hat Set!

This pattern works up so fast in typical MJ style, and it’s so easy to make.  I love quick projects so I don’t get distracted. How many time consuming projects are in the time out pile? Lets say LOTS; I don’t need to put a number out there.

Seriously though how cute is this set!  Those ears just get me everytime. I also love that it’s perfect for boys and girls.

I love this style cowl for little one’s. It goes up nice and high over their face for cold days.  It gets so cold here, so warm bulky sets are a must.

Supplies Needed

To make this set, you’re going to need a good durable worsted weight yarn. I love Bernat Super Value.  I used the colour Honey perfectly fitting for this set. Order 2 balls because we work from 2 strands to double up the thickness. You’ll need an 8mm crochet hook as well.  I love my Susan Bates crystallite hooks.

I also used Lion Brand Homespun Thick & Quick (the regular bulky will work fine too). I love the fuzzy look and feel this gives to the crochet hat set.

This pattern comes in toddler, child and Teen/Adult size! You can grab the pattern HERE on Ravelry or on ETSY

Amazing custom faux leather tags by Brickbubble

I hope you enjoy this pattern and stay cozy!

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