Popular Hooded Crochet Blankets!

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If you haven’t crocheted a Hooded blanket yet you should definitely give it a go!  What I thought was just a cute idea has turned into the new rage!  I love how ideas evolve and come to life with each design.  As many of you know my whimsical designs started with the Bulky & Quick shark and mermaid cocoon style blankets.  In Fall 2016 I began getting a lot of requests for a unicorn.  I just didn’t see this design as a cocoon but felt it would be more fun to BE the unicorn!  My first hooded style blanket was born and I’m still so in love!  This design was super popular from day 1 and had many features including this article from Good House Keeping


Just recently the hooded unicorn went viral with millions of views!  This time not off one of my own photos or posts but a talented Maker!  Jacqueline Hernandez is a seller on Etsy and her adorable pics of her daughters modelling the unicorn blankets were picked up by numerous crafting FB pages all going viral!  To purchase one of her blankets go to her SHOP

It’s always exciting when my designs go viral and anything that stimulates the crochet demand for Makers is AMAZING.  There’s nothing like handmade and I love to see my designs make there way out of the crochet community to be loved by everyone.  I never know for sure what the next big thing will be I simply have fun and design pieces that get me excited!

If you’ve been thinking about crocheting a unicorn blanket it might be a good time to try out this pattern!  You can purchase through Craftsy, Love CrochetRavelry and ETSY

Supplies needed may be purchased at our affiliate links below.

Bernat Softee Chunky Yarn – $2.80

from: Craftsy

Bulky Q Hook – $2.59

from: Annie’s

Quick and Bulky Cat Blanket Crochet Kit

from: Craftsy

If Unicorns aren’t your thing my Fox/Wolf Hooded Blanket has recently been getting lots of attention thanks to this post by YarnBallin

If your feeling foxy than this is the blanket for you!

Woolf and fox emma

Extra thick and cozy and even folds into a pillow!  You can purchase the pattern HERE

Yarn may be purchased below to make the cozy Fox/Wolf Blanket

Bernat Blanket and Blanket Brights Yarn 300g – $8.49

from: Craftsy

fox wolf college2

Checkout this cozy Hooded Dog blanket for the Dog Lovers out there!  Bulky and Quick Design uses 2 strands of Bulky yarn and Q hook.

Quick and Bulky Dog Blanket Crochet Kit

from: Craftsy

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