Hooded Katniss Cowl

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Hooded Katniss Cowl

I absolutely love the design of the hooded Katniss cowl.  What is so cool about this pattern is that you can make only the hood or the complete piece!!! What’s even better is how simple and fast this hood works up!  I used my Q hook of course!!!  I designed this piece for a friend.  She loved my Katniss cowl design but wanted a hood.  Other hoods I have made in the past seem to lose there shape over time and didn’t really have that super bulky look I really love. Bernat softee chunky has a great sturdiness to it yet soft at the same time making it a great choice for this piece.  I loved how the hood turned out especially how it comes nicely down over the shoulders making it perfect just on its own.  Adding the Katniss just totally makes it a show stopper!!!  When designing a pattern I love to give you as many sizes as possible because I know you will want mommy and me sets!  I just happened to have this gorgeous new yarn from Patons on hand.  It’s called Patons Iced.  It has a beautiful sparkle and I’d picked it up with scarves in mind.  For my child size cowl it was the perfect yarn to make my sweet Beth Sparkle!  As you can see by the photos it’s a gorgeous piece and I highly recommend this yarn to give this cowl a high end one of a kind look!!  I think my next yarn order will include every colour of this gorgeous yarn!!


Kids Hooded Katniss Cowl


My only concern with my design was I found it to be a bit constricting around the shoulders for my active girls.  This is where I needed to slightly tweak the pattern. The cowl pattern is perfect with 4 buttons but adding the Katniss piece I decided we should shorten it to 3 buttons.  I love versatility that custom made products offer!!!  My girls and I are small framed so a broader individual may find the 4 button perfect!!  I love to give options and size variations with my patterns so you can ultimately create a piece that’s perfect for you or your customer!!

Meg Katniss Cowl
My eldest daughter is modelling the newly designed shortened version.  We love how it turned out and the fit is perfect!  This piece will keep you warm and stylish.  Especially for those teen girls that refuse to wear a warm bulky coat!  They can still wear a cute leather jacket and pull this on over top for extra warmth.

And last but not least the little one gets to show her mini version off in a girly shade of lavender!  I shortened her design to only 2 buttons so she had the arm movement every little active girl needs!  This will be the perfect design to wear shopping with mommy so she can look super cute and stylish but be super cozy and warm too!! You guys are really going to be in love with how easy this is to make!  You just need to buy this pattern!!!
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