I just needed a new scarf!!! and a headband to match…

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I just needed a new scarf!!  I wasn’t going to pressure myself with new patterns this December.  Life’s crazy this time of year as we all know!  My problem is I get an idea in my head and I just can’t help myself!

Once the weather gets cold I love to bundle up in huge chunky scarves!  I love big and chunky pieces that make a statement.  I saw a few knit versions of these long fringed scarves and decided a huge chunky wavy multi color crochet scarf would be the perfect addition to my winter wardrobe.  You can guarantee a couple things with this scarf!

#1 You will get noticed

#2 You will be warm and cozy and feel like you’re wrapped in a blanket

Everyone who has seen this scarf on me loves it and wants one! So I had to publish the pattern and I will be offering pre made scarves in my online store launching early next year! It’s a super fun piece that you can wear with a leather jacket and still be warm and toasty!



I’m the kinda girl that doesn’t like to waste any yarn and a scarf like this uses a lot!  Fingerless gloves and headbands are perfect to use up any left over bits!  I’m on a cable kick right now and have wanted to try out a cute cabled headband that’s fast and easy.  I easily came up with this 3 button style and I absolutely love it on my little teen.  I made all the colors I had available in Bernat Roving and matched them up with coordinating scarves.


The Low tide looks stunning on my Emma with her rusty auburn hair!  I love how each color compliments each of us in our varying skin tones and hair colors.  I love the vibrant teal, raspberry and plum on myself and my Emma suits the earthy tones.


Photo 2015-12-06, 3 50 07 PM

I had my daughters friend do some modelling for me as well and she totally rocked the raspberry with her gorgeous dark hair and olive skin tone.  Bernat roving has some great colors and this yarn is so soft and squishy perfect for scarves, headbands and mitts!


Purchase Cabled Headband pattern & Wavy Fringed Scarf

These items look great and are so quick to make!  I love to get you on and off the hook quick and onto the next awesome project!




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