MJ’s Running Toque

I’m a little behind schedule getting this post up but I had to share!  With the mild temperatures I’ve been outside running again!!  I’m a baby in the cold so I’ve mostly been running on the treadmill this winter.  I wanted to design something to run in for the days I suck it up and hit the roads.  This toque is perfect!  It has a fun slouchy design with a hole for your pony tail.



For men or boys you can close up the hole to make this hat unisex.  I found this ultra soft fun yarn at Michael’s called Urban.  It’s a blend of acrylic and cotton that is super absorbent.  I added a punch of color to the band to match my running shoes and give them that personal touch!  One of the awesome benefits of crocheting is you can customize and personalize!!  I love it!!


My oldest daughter has started to get into running too so I added florescent Coral to match her shoes.  The whole family ended up with a fun new toque!  It’s so fun to bring the world of running and crochet together into a project!

If you’d like to make your own personalized toque you can purchase the PDF crochet pattern here

MJ’s Running Toque Pattern




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