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Shark Blanket

I was so excited to design this soft cuddly shark blanket!! My son had to have his own blanket after I designed mermaid blankets for the girls. Immediately after posting pictures of him I started booking Christmas orders.  I had moms and grandma’s rushing to get their orders in!! Most of my clients already knew how fast I book up so everyone was getting them in ASAP!! My mermaid blanket was available for sale on Ravelry and I planned to get him published next as I was having so many requests for the pattern. I was new to the world of selling patterns even though I’d been designing my own work for a couple years.  My patterns are all written for me to understand but putting them on paper for everyone else is a challenge.  It takes time commitment something I didn’t have a lot of being a busy mom of 4 and a dairy farmers wife!  I had set some time aside in the spring to work on my patterns and I’m certainly glad I did!

He was released a week before Shark Week on Discovery, something I never planned it was just perfect timing!! Shark fans everywhere started to get excited to make one to snuggle up with while they watched the best week on TV!  The shark blanket started circulating the internet quickly and landed on a country radio stations Facebook page in South Carolina kickin’92.5 The share on their FB page received over 33million views from that post alone.  I wasn’t prepared for the craziness that would explode on my FB page and emails. It took me several weeks to get through all my messages!!!  If I missed you I’m so sorry!!  I don’t think my computer could handle it lol.  From what was a fun cuddly design I just made to make my son happy exploded into something I never dreamed of.  I’m passionate about each of my designs and just love to create fun and unique things!

My business has completely changed from this design and so many great opportunities have come my way.  I’ve had to hire help to meet the ongoing demand for my blankets.  Now just managing emails and social media is a full time job.  Every minute I can put into new designs is my top priority as it’s what drives me!  I have so many new designs I can’t wait to release!!  It’s very important that I have a well written easy to understand pattern that I’m confident you’ll love!  I know many of you are waiting for a few so just be patient with me a well designed pattern takes time!

Of course my shark blankets aren’t just for boys!! Girls love them too!! Adults I think love them even more then kids which is totally awesome!! Kimberly Kay from mix97fm blogged about my shark and interviewed me in August. She really wanted a pink shark and was so excited when she received her own shark she posted a video!! Check it out here

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photo by Jade Photography

Check out the video from Chex TV

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