Soft & Cozy Dolphin Blanket

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I’m so excited to publish the Soft & Cozy Dolphin Blanket!  This pattern has taken a long time to put together!  I was having computer issues while writing this pattern.  My hard drive in my laptop needed to be replaced so I unfortunately lost some of my hard work.  I put Microsoft on my Mac as a backup but was having issues as well and it unexpectedly closed on me and I lost work again!  I was beginning to feel like this pattern was not meant to be.  

Soft & Cozy Dolphin Blanket

After what felt like an eternity the Soft & Cozy Dolphin blanket is finally here!  The blanket is a bundle of squishiness that’s a complete dream. I’m so in love with Bernat Blanket yarn I’ve decided to use it in more of my designs.  This blanket will wash up and look great which is perfect for kids.

Soft & Cozy Dolphin Blanket

I’ve had so many requests for a dolphin I hope you enjoy what I’ve designed.  I try my best to create a pattern that’s easy to follow for beginners but looks as realistic as possible.  It always amazes me what I can create with yarn and how quick you can make my blankets.

Soft & Cozy Dolphin Blanket

I hope my passion comes out in each of my designs and that it brings happiness to those that get to enjoy them.  My kids are in love with how soft and cuddly it is especially my son.  He’s very textile and loves soft things. 

Soft & Cozy Dolphin Blanket

What you’ll need to make the Soft & Cozy Dolphin Blanket

You can buy Bernat Blanket yarn at a variety of stores or purchase here through my affiliate link.

Dolphin Blanket

0-6mth: 1 ball

6-18mth: 2 balls

Preschool: 2 balls

Child: 3 balls

Adult: 3 balls

Bernat Blanket and Blanket Brights Yarn 300g

Hooks Required

11.5mm and 9mm

Additional Supplies

  • Small amount of quilting batten for back fin
  • 2 Black buttons for eyes (30mm) smaller size for infants (25mm)
  • Tapestry needle with large hole for bulky yarn

Thanks so much for supporting me with a pattern purchase!  You can purchase the Soft & Cozy Dolphin Blanket HERE 

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