Tis The Season for Woolies

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Inspiration is everywhere!  I get especially inspired this time of year.  Walking through the mall overflowing with Christmas stock, Christmas trees, cozy woolies, special coffees and hot chocolate!  The list goes on!

A trip to Michael’s instantly has my brain buzzing.  All the cozy yarn overflowing in the isles has my imagination working overtime.  Something about Christmas screams wool to me and experimenting with some new yarn has to be one of my favorite pass times!  I fell in LOVE with Patons ColorWul.  I love the variegated colors reminding me of all the plaids in fashion this year.  I’m all about quick and easy patterns, so I love a yarn that does the work for me.  Thank you Patons I love you!

I see Pompom hats everywhere this year and I just had to have my own!! I started experimenting with my own versions of this trend.  I couldn’t fully settle on one design so in this pattern I give you two!

slouchtoquemittslogo brosis2logo

I posted some pics on FB and IG and everyone was super excited for this pattern!  I’ve been working overtime to get it completed as I have another blanket design almost ready to come out! You’ve all been waiting for my fingerless glove pattern and if just went perfectly with this toque.  So I’ve managed to get it ready too!


In the almost 3 years I’ve been crocheting my husband hasn’t been interested in anything crocheted from me.  Until now!  He fell hard for this yarn LOL He’s a farmer with expensive taste!  Only  100% wool for my man.  I love that these hats look good on men and women and completely adorable on kids! I want you to be successful with my patterns so I’ve also included a video tutorial!


My fingerless glove pattern comes in 4 sizes fitting my husband as well!  The entire family has a set so we’re all ready for the snow!  Bring it on!

purchase Twisty Cabled Toque pattern and MJ’s Fingerless Gloves


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