Today Featured on Tyra Banks FABLife show!!!

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It all began with a fun shark design I made for son!  My love to create fast and fun patterns blew up in overnight success.  I posted a pic of my comical son in his shark blanket on Discovery and the power of social media took over!!  In only a  short week my design received over 33 million views catching the attention of the FABLife show!!

As a crochet artist only starting to publish my patterns this is a dream come true.  My passion has always been to design.  Although I’ve only been crocheting 3 years I instantly fell in love and became obsessed with this art.  The ability I have to create cool stuff with a hook and yarn still amazes me.  There’s always something new and fun to make and always a new trend to be inspired by.

I’m driven and passionate about what I do.  The demand that comes with a viral post is unbelievable.  you have to live it to know how crazy it is!  I took this as an opportunity to expand and grow my business.  That has meant 80 plus hour weeks and little sleep but it is an opportunity you can’t let pass you by. To date I’m now selling patterns in 46 Counties! My online store is in progress to sell ready made hand crocheted items worldwide.

When the FABLife show contacted me I was ecstatic .  Tyra is an amazing role model as a female entrepreneur and is someone I look up to and admire.  It’s almost unbelievable as a small town Canadian girl to be noticed by Tyra banks!  Be sure to check your local listings today and check out the show!!

DO what you LOVE with PASSION and success will follow!!



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