Top 15 Crochet Tips & Tricks

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My Top 15 Crochet Tips and Tricks! Techniques that every crocheter should know. If you follow me on Instagram and TikTok I’ve been sharing some of my favourite Tips and Tricks. I’ve had a lot of requests to make these videos slower with more in-depth teaching. I decided to put together a YouTube video and EBook for you. If you sign up for my Newsletter you can get my Top 15 Crochet Tips & Tricks PDF digital download for FREE.

Brava Worsted Yarn

I’d love to hear from you. Let me know your favourite Crochet Tips & Tricks. Also, let me know if there’s one you’d like me to teach. I will summarize each of my Tips below. For step by step picture tutorial get the Top 15 Crochet Tips & Tricks EBook!

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I used Brava Worsted weight yarn for the tutorials. You can purchase HERE


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YouTube Video

Tip #1 Magic Knot

Crochet Tips & Tricks magic Knot

The magic knot is a quick and easy way to join yarn. You can use this technique when changing colour or adding a new ball of yarn. I have demonstrated with two different colours to make it easier to see. Watch now 01:06​ Magic Knot.

Step #1

Place each tail end of yarn side by side.

Step #2

Take colour A and tie a knot around colour B.

Step #3

Take Colour B and tie a knot around colour A.

Step #4

Take ball end of colour A and B and pull tight. This will draw the knots together.

Step #5

Trim tails. Avoid cutting them too close.

Tip #2 Thumb Join

Crochet Tips & Tricks Thumb join

The thumb join is the quickest way to join yarn. You can use this technique when changing colour or adding a new ball of yarn. This technique is a little more difficult to perfect. It just takes a little practice. Watch Now 02:28​ Thumb Join.

Step #1

Place each tail end of yarn side by side between the thumb and index finger. Place the new ball of yarn on the outer side of the thumb.

Step #2

Take the new yarn and wrap it around the thumb and yarn tails two times. Wrap a third time going between the thumb and tails

Step #3

Take tails and tuck them over the yarn strand and under the thumb.

Step #4

Pinch tails with thumb and pull on both ends of yarn to knot. Trim tails if needed.

Tip #3 Russian Join

Crochet Tips & Tricks

The Russian join is the most secure way to join yarn. I love this technique when I don’t want a knot in my work. You can use this technique when changing colour or adding a new ball of yarn. This technique takes a little more time and patience. Watch Now 03:43​ Russian Join.

Step #1

Loop the tail ends of colour A & B.

Step #2

With a yarn needle, weave the tail end of colour A back through the centre of A yarn strand. Fill up the yarn needle and pull the tail through. This will secure colour B.

Step #3

With Colour B, repeat step #2.

Step #4

Pull yarn tails to smooth out strands and trim excess tails.

Tip #4 Magic Ring

magic ring

The Magic Ring is the perfect way to start any round. It makes a tight and secure start that doesn’t come loose. Watch Now 07:46​ Magic ring.

Step #1

Wrap the yarn around your index finger 3 times.

Step #2

Insert the hook under all three loops. Grab the first loop with the hook and pull through.

Step #3

Chain to secure the ring. For hdc chain 2.

Step #4

Work pattern stitches in the ring (ex. 6 hdc).

Step #5

Pull the yarn tail. It will pull in only 1 loop (only pull slightly). Grab the loop that’s pulling in and pull it to tighten the other loop. Next, pull the tail tight so that both loops are snug.

Step #6

Slip stitch in first st to join.

Tip #5 Colour Change

Crochet Tips & Tricks changing colour

How to seamlessly change colour throughout a row. This technique can be used to change colour at the end or throughout a row. Carry yarn along and change seamlessly as needed. Watch Now 09:40​ Colour Change.

Step #1

Last yarn over of stitch pull through with new colour.

Step #2

Work stitch pattern working over yarn tails as you go. This will allow you to change colour as needed.

Step #3

Last yarn over of stitch pull through with starting colour.

Tip #6 Seamless Join

Crochet Tips & Tricks seamless join

When finishing off your work, instead of slip stitching to join, make a seamless join instead. This technique creates a faux stitch that blends seamlessly with a row or round. Watch Now 12:06​ Seamless Join.

Step #1

Fasten off yarn.

Step #2

With yarn needle, weave tail under both loops of the first stitch.

Step #3

With yarn needle, weave tail end under the back loop only of the last stitch. Weave in ends.

Tip #7 Starting Chain

Crochet Tips & Tricks

When working into a starting chain, work your first row into the back leg or hump of the stitch. This creates a nice clean edge with both loops of the stitch exposed. It also makes it easier to work into when completing edging or a border. Watch Now 14:24​ Starting Chain.

Step #1

Make a starting chain any length.

Step #2

Rotate the starting chain so that you can see the back humps.

Step #3

Complete the first row of stitches working through the back leg (hump) of each chain.

Tip #8 Stitch Counts

Crochet Tips & Tricks

If you’re a beginner and struggle keeping stitch counts the same each row, this technique will keep you on track. Add a marker to the first and last stitch of every row. This makes sure that you don’t miss a stitch. Watch Now 16:20​ Stitch Counts.

Tip #9 Straight Edges

Crochet Tips & Tricks

This technique will help keep your edges straight. It also prevents a large gap when working a border around your piece. Watch Now 18:23​ Straight Edges.

Swatch #1

The swatch on the bottom is worked in double crochet stitches with a starting chain of 3.

Swatch #2

The swatch on the top is also worked in double crochet stitches but with a starting chain of 1. This keeps the edges straight.

Tip #10 Locking Markers

Crochet Tips & Tricks

When you finish working on a project, there’s nothing worse than having it unravel in your WIP bag. To prevent this from happening, add a locking stitch marker to the last stitch of your work. You can pull on it, and it won’t come undone. Watch Now 20:33​ Locking Markers.

Tip #11 Hook Styles

The gauge can vary between hook brands and styles, even if they’re the same hook size. To keep gauge consistent throughout a project, use the same hook. I like to add a note to my WIP bag stating the hook size, brand, style of hook I used and my pattern gauge. Watch Now 21:24​ Hook Styles.

Tip #12 Foundation Stitches

Crochet Tips & Tricks

Many patterns will have you start a project with foundation stitches. When creating this stitch, you work the foundation chain and stitch all at the same time. This creates a nice stretchy foundation for your project and has a nice edge showing both loops of the stitch. Watch Now 22:34​ Foundation Stitches.

Step #1

Chain 2. Rotate the starting chain so that you can see the back hump.

Step #2

Insert hook through the back loop and back hump (leg) of the chain. Yarn over (yo) and pull up a loop. Yo and pull through one loop (foundation ch), yo, and pull through both loops completing a sc st.

Step #3

Rotate work, insert hook through the foundation chain and back hump repeating step #2.

Tip #13 Counting Stitches

When counting long stretches of stitches it’s a good idea to mark as you go with stitch markers. Place markers every 20 stitches or so. This way if you lose track you only have to go back to the last marker. Watch Now 25:38​ Counting Stitches.

Tip #14 Weigh Scale

I use a scale for every pattern I design. These tips are helpful for designers, testers and crocheters. Watch Now 26:25​ Weigh Scale.

Tip #1

If I forget how many balls of yarn I’ve used to make a project I just weigh out my finished project in grams. I then divide total grams by the number of grams on a ball to determine the total number of balls used.

Tip #2

To determine how many grams you’ve used from a ball of yarn. Weigh the remaining yarn. Take the total grams on a ball and subtract the grams remaining. This will tell you how many grams you used.

Tip #3

How much yarn you need for a project. Make a swatch and weigh it. For example; You are making a blanket 50″ x 60″. Let’s say your swatch is 4″ x 4″ and weighs 20 grams. The area is 16. Now let’s do the math 20g/16a = 1.25

Blanket – 50×60=3000a x 1.25 = 3750 grams needed.

Tip #15 Felting Join

Crochet Tips & Tricks

The felting join is a technique you can use to join wool (animal fibres). Test out the yarn to make sure it works before joining through a project. Superwash wools do not work for this technique. Watch Now 28:02​ Felting Join.

Step #1

Separate tail ends of fibres 3-4″.

Step #2

Wet ends with a spray bottle.

Step #3

Rub ends together vigorously between hands for at least one minute. Add more water if necessary. The heat and friction will fuse the ends together. It will look like felt and join balls of yarn seamlessly.

I hope you enjoy my Top 15 Crochet Tips & Tricks. You can purchase the digital PDF Crochet Tips & Tricks EBook HERE. Or Signup for my Newsletter and get it for FREE.

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