How to Crochet the Extended Single Crochet Stitch (Esc)

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In today’s lesson you’ll learn how to crochet the Extended Single Crochet Stitch (Esc)!  If you haven’t yet learned how to crochet we can get you started with the basics! Go check out our first and second lesson on YouTube.

Lesson #1 will teach the ultimate basic step, HOW TO HOLD THE YARN AND CHAIN

Lesson #2 How to Single Crochet (sc)


For my learn to crochet series I will be using Super Bulky weight #6 yarn and a 9mm crochet hook.  You can use any hook and yarn weight but I feel learning with a larger hook and weight yarn is easier. In today’s lesson we use the color Mountie Mango.

Yarn used in video series – Sugar Bush Yarns Chill

Watch Today’s Stitch Tutorial


Written Instructions:


Chain – ch

Extended Single Crochet – esc

Stitch(es) – st (sts)

Row 1: Ch 11, work 1 esc in the 2nd ch from the hook and in each ch across, turn—10 sts.

Rows 2-10: Ch 1 (not included as a stitch), work 1 esc in each st across, turn—10 sts.

I’m so excited for this series!  Please email with any questions or any requests you have!

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