Cuddly as a Cloud Cardigan

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I’m so excited to release the Cuddly as a Cloud Cardigan!  This project was on my hook longer than I like to admit!  Not because it takes a long time to make it just kept getting pushed to the back burner.  Due to it’s bulky design I decided Fall would be the perfect time to publish!

I’ve released this pattern under Sentry Box Designs due to the over the top luxury factor!  For those of you not following me long Sentry Box Designs is my brand where you’ll find garments and accessories made in natural and luxurious fibres. When Craftsy sent me these beautiful bulky hanks of Cloudborn Superwash Merino, I nearly died and went to Heaven!  Cloudborn’s name suits this yarn perfectly.  I knew I had to make a heavenly sweater out of it.

Cloudborn Superwash Merino Bulky Yarn

from: Craftsy
This Cardigan definitely is cuddly so if you’re looking for something that’s warm cozy and super soft this Cardigan is for you!  I guarantee you won’t be disappointed in Cloudborn! Probably the softest yarn I’ve ever touched!

I’ve had a lot of people asking me if its hard to make? I know garments can sometimes be intimidating.  This is a very basic cardigan pattern and I ripped it out a few times to get it just right!  You will crochet the back and front panels all in one piece.  So if you can half double crochet in the front loop only and chain, its easy peasy. Watch our Tutorial on YouTube here!

The sleeves, pockets and collar are all made separately then seamed together.  Each piece is easy to make, so I’m confident you can make this sweater even if you’re new to making garments.

I know a lot of you are always asking about substitutions and this was the case for many of my testers.  All bulky weights are not considered equal so I have a handy calculation I use to figure out equivalents.  Just divide the yards by grams and compare your brands.

Cloudborn 109yds/100g ball = 1.09

Sprightly Super Bulky 109yds/100g ball = 1.09 perfect match!

Sprightly Acrylic Super Bulky Yarn

from: Craftsy

Charisma by Loops & Threads 109yds/100g ball = 1.09 perfect match

Red Heart Soft Essentials 131yds/141g ball = .93  this yarn will be thicker than Cloudborn but close

Lion Brand Homespun 185yds/170g = 1.09 perfect match!

Lion Brand Homespun Yarn

Lion Brand Hometown USA 81yds/142 ball = .57  this yarn is way too thick

Lion Brand Unique Yarn 109yds/100g ball = 1.09 perfect match

Lion Brand Tweed Stripes 144yds/85g ball = 1.69 this yarn is too thin

Do you get how this works? This would be the first step in looking at substitutions.  If the ball weights are identical (100g balls) I would go ahead and get what the pattern calls for plus 1.  Even though things might appear to match up perfectly different yarns and fibres will crochet differently.  Basically whenever you sub expect some differences and slight gauge differences.  It seems to me adding an extra ball is a good call!

If the ball sizes are different you will need to do a bit more Math.  Lets take Homespun as an example.  For a child size 2/4 you need 4 (100g balls) or 400g or 4 x 109yds = 436 yds

Homespun 185yds/170g per ball, you will need 3 Balls 3 x 185 = 555 yds and you will have some left over with extra for variances in gauge.

I decided to try out Charisma for my child size 6/8.  I had this gorgeous Mulberry Bush that I thought would be perfect for Fall.

My pattern calls for 6 skeins of Cloudborn. I used almost exactly 6 Charisma (just a bit left over).  One of my testers also used Charisma and made the size 6/8 and had to dig into that 7th ball. To meet gauge in rows she did need to go up a hook size and that increased the overall length. So it makes sense that she would use a bit more yarn.  I really love how the striping came out!

The natural merino fibre will stretch and drape beautifully.  I found I needed to fiddle a lot more with the acrylic collar by steaming the edges to try and get it to hang and stretch like the adult cardigan.  The small sweater is for my daughter so the differences were not a big deal for her.

It’s little details that you will notice between different fibres and brands of yarn.  Pick a colour and a brand you love and I’m sure you will love our Cuddly as a Cloud Cardigan!

I hope you enjoy this pattern and stay cozy!  Take 15% off Sentry Box Patterns on Ravelry with coupon code FALL18 now through Oct 2018.

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