Hooded Woodland Blanket Collection

I know I always get excited for new designs BUT I think this is my favourite collection yet!  I’m completely in love with Woodland animals so I have a big collection planned filled with furry friends.  The Hooded Woodland Blanket collection includes; The Hooded Woodland Raccoon, Bear, Fox, Deer, Skunk, Rabbit, Hedgehog, Squirrel and Moose blankets. This little face just captures my excitement for this release!

Racoon closeup boy

The Hooded Woodland Raccoon was the first design to inspire this collection.  I was contemplating how to work his beautiful striped tail into the design.  The lightbulb moment came and I decided to graph his tail directly into the blanket.  For many of our furry friends tail graphing works perfectly to capture the uniqueness of each animal!

Racoon College

For the Raccoon I added his adorable hand shaped paws distinct to our curious furry friend.  He tucks right up into the hood for storage and makes an adorable pillow. Inspiration really does come from many places!  I came across this adorable set of Mugs at Chapters.  You can still find the OWL and BEAR online.  I was hesitant to design a Bear due to his lack of features but the scarf on this mug gave me the inspiration I needed!  It really adds that special something and allows for a nice pop of color.

hooded woodland blanket collection

This bear is definitely cozy and the scarf tied up in front holds him right in place.

Bear College

Even though I’ve already designed a fox this set really needed a new one!  I just had to graph that beautiful tail!  Sprightly yarns Super Bulky Acrylic Wool was the perfect yarn for these designs. Unfortunately Bluprint has closed so I suggest using Lion brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick.

hooded woodland blanket collection

You can also substitute Berant Softee Chunky for an acrylic yarn alternative. Because it’s not as thick I suggest using a 12mm hook and changing all single crochet (sc) stitches in the pattern to extended single crochet (esc). I’ve already updated the Deer, rabbit and Moose in this yarn and it comes out beautiful!

Check out our adorable Fox Blanket below.

hooded woodland blanket collection

Unlike my other Bulky and Quick Designs the Woodland Collection only uses 1 strand of Bulky yarn.  This yarn is extra thick and full so I still use a 16mm Q hook which makes these blankets work up quick!  If you’re looking for a comparable yarn I’d suggest Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick for a similar texture and earthy feel.
Lion brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick.
Based on thickness Bernat Blanket yarn would also compare.

I wouldn’t suggest using worsted weight for the designs featuring multiple color changes.  All those balls of yarn might get crazy messy.  You would need to use at least 3 strands of worsted weight yarn to get a similar bulkiness.

Worsted Bulky comparison

The Hooded Woodland Deer Blanket just might be my favourite!  I can just see this design with a little red nose for Christmas!  Spots and antlers and hoof mitts oh my!  Cuteness overload 🙂

Deer College

You’ll love our Hooded Rabbit Blanket. Pattern includes carrots.

hooded woodland blanket collection

Our Woodland Skunk Blanket includes Flower pattern.

hooded woodland blanket collection

Checkout the texture on our Hooded Hedgehog Blanket!

hooded woodland blanket collection

Hooded Squirrel Blanket

hooded woodland blanket collection

Last but not least to join the Hooded Woodland Blanket Collection is our Hooded Moose Blanket

hooded woodland blanket collection

You can purchase these patterns in any of my pattern shops but you’ll find them on Ravelry first!  I’ve provided video tutorials to accompany all of these new designs.  

hooded woodland blanket collection

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